New Faire Top Shop Rules

The Faire Top Shop program is changing. Here’s what to do.

The changes to the Top Shop program are significant. Here's a breakdown of the changes, and how they affect Faire brands.

Before and After: Dr. Perry’s Product Photography

Dr. Perry's, the natural skin care line created by celebrated plastic surgeon Arthur W. Perry, MD, recently underwent some packaging updates. This was a great opportunity to reshoot their entire line and bring their product photography up to current standards.

Audrey’s Chia Cookies Product Photography: Before and After

We're helping Audrey's Chia Cookies improve their Amazon brand presence. The first step has been to create a new set of product photography.
Photography and Imagery Services

The Art of Capturing Reality and Beyond: Understanding Different Photographic and Imaging Techniques

Each method offers a different perspective and is used for varied purposes in the world of advertising and marketing.

Introducing Our Services for Faire Sellers

We regularly get inquiries from folks who are interested in launching a store on Amazon or Shopify, and we've always recommended Faire as a resource for discovering up-and-coming brands. And, now, we're offering our services directly to brands that offer their products on Faire.