Amazon Sponsored Brands Product Collection Ads Are Changing. Here’s What’s New.

A significant change is coming to Amazon Sponsored Brands campaigns using the product collection ad format. Let’s dive into what’s changing, why, and how it affects your advertising strategy.

What’s Changing, and Why?

Amazon is introducing new requirements for Amazon Sponsored Brands campaigns that utilize the product collection ad format. Starting January 31, 2024, all new campaigns using this format will need to include a custom image that aligns with specific policy guidelines. Moreover, existing product collection ads lacking a custom image will cease to be served after May 31, 2024. This change aims to enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of ads on the platform.

This requirement comes as no surprise and is part of the natural evolution of merchandising, which continues to become more dynamic and more visual. We’ve already been using custom images for all of our our clients’ product collection campaigns for some time.

How Does This Affect You?

If you’re currently running Sponsored Brands product collection ads featuring only product images, it’s time to take action. By May 31, 2024, you need to add a custom image to ensure your campaign remains eligible and effective. For new product collection campaigns created post-January 31, 2024, incorporating a custom image from the start is mandatory. This is an excellent opportunity to refresh your ads and potentially increase their impact.

Adding a Custom Image to Amazon Sponsored Brands Campaigns

Wondering how to incorporate a custom image? It’s simpler than you think. If you don’t already have a compliatne lifestyle image, you can try the GenAI image generation capability (currently in beta). This tool allows for the creation of policy-compliant images tailored to your campaign, with results that can vary. In our experience, it works better for some categories than others, and for now, it’s more of a novelty.

No Suitable Custom Image?

If you’re at a loss for an appropriate custom image, don’t worry. You have several options:

  1. Edit Existing Campaigns: Integrate a custom image from your existing resources or create one using the GenAI image generator.
  2. Leverage Your Store: For campaigns linking to your Store landing page, Amazon Ads can automatically generate a suitable image from your Store for your ASIN-only product collection ads.
  3. Explore Alternative Ad Formats: Consider building a Sponsored Brands video ad if you have video assets or a Store spotlight ad if you own a Store.
  4. Talk to Us: If it’s time for a new set of lifestyle image creatives for your products, we’ll be happy to help.

In Summary…

These changes are a step towards more visually engaging and effective advertising on the Amazon platform. By incorporating custom images into your Sponsored Brands product collection ads, you not only comply with the new requirements but also enhance the appeal and potential impact of your ads. Start reviewing your campaigns today and get ahead of the curve.

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