A Basic Guide to Brand Hierarchy Models

Brand hierarchy models are frameworks used by companies to organize and manage their portfolio of brands. Here are some key components and types of brand hierarchy models.
Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF: Pros and Cons

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, or MCF, allows Amazon Sellers to use Amazon as a shipping facility for any customer. Here's why it might be right for you.
Shoppers in Europe

Expanding your Amazon Brand to Europe: A Step by Step Guide

If you sell your products on the US Amazon marketplace through Seller Central, you've probably been encouraged by Amazon to expand to other Amazon marketplaces. Here's what it takes.
Out of The Woods products

Transforming Out of the Woods Amazon Performance: A Case Study in Strategic Amazon Marketing

While Out of the Woods products have made a mark in major retailers and through their direct-to-consumer site, they sensed untapped potential to grow their sales on Amazon, and this is where Parker-Lambert's expertise comes into play.
Amazon experts reviewing content

How To Calculate Your Amazon Ads Budget by TACoS Targeting

If you're watching your profitability, TACoS targeting is a helpful way to plan your Amazon ads budget. Here's how to do it.