Pricing for Basic Services

Every brand is unique, and we specialize in offering right-sized solutions to meet your exact needs. This page covers just a small portion of the services we offer.

By popular demand, we're offering standard pricing on some of our most common services:

Amazon Advertising Management


  • Budget planning and performance targeting
  • Product detail page analysis and recommendations for conversion rate optimization
  • Campaign planning, creation and optimization
  • Regular reporting

Price: 5% of advertising budget, with a minimum of $100 per month


Product Listing Optimization

Profitability graph

This is an ideal option if you're an established brand with your own design staff and you already have your product catalog set up on Amazon, but it needs some attention.

  • Consumer Insights testing and detailed, unbiased review analysis to understand what current and potential customers think about your products
  • Title, bullet, and product description development incorporating search optimization and Amazon best practices
  • Addressing issues with product categorization, parent/child variations, and other common problems
  • Carousel, A+ and Store content recommendations

Price: $250 (or less) per ASIN

Product Photography for eCommerce

Our trusted partner photography studios are experts in product photography for Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. We offer white world photography and lifestyle photography, including hand models.

Costs are typically $50 for product-on-white photos, and lifestyle photos are between $85 and $130 per shot.

By working with Parker-Lambert, you can save the extra time and hassle of working with a separate photographer on your own. We'll manage the entire process and ensure you'll get photography that you love.

Consumer Insights Testing

Want to know what 50, 100, or more women who are Amazon Prime members think about your Amazon product detail page? How about learning what men who play musical instruments think of your Shopify site? Or asking 50 health and fitness enthusiasts to tell you which product photo they prefer? And, what if you can get robust, helpful and actionable data in 24 hours or less?

Let's help you find out.

Pricing varies by the size of the pool, the types of questions asked, and the screening criteria. Most tests cost between $75 and $150.

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