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Elevate Your E-Commerce Strategy with Targeted Consumer Insights Testing

Transform Guesswork into Growth with Instant, Actionable Feedback

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, every detail counts. A less-than-perfect hero image or unclear content can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. That's where our Consumer Insights (CI) Testing comes into play, offering a direct window into your target audience's preferences and opinions.

Tailored Testing for Precision-Driven Results

Our approach is comprehensive and flexible, designed to align with your unique eCommerce needs. Whether you're fine-tuning product images, refining your messaging, or overhauling an entire Shopify landing page or Amazon Store, our varied survey formats are up to the task. Choose from A/B testing, round-robin surveys, or ranked/star rating systems to gather specific feedback on hero images, carousel displays, banners, and more.

Insightful Feedback From a Targeted Audience

We don't just gather feedback; we curate it from the right audience. By presenting your content to a selected group of 50, 100, or more consumers, we ensure that the insights you receive are relevant and actionable. Our targeted participants are chosen based on a range of demographics, including age, gender, and income, as well as interests and lifestyle factors like hobbies and preferred shopping sites.

Empower Your Brand with Consumer-Driven Data

The result? You get more than just feedback. You gain a strategic edge, armed with consumer-driven data that can elevate your content and resonate with your audience. Don't leave your eCommerce success to chance. Let our Consumer Insights Testing be the catalyst for your brand's growth and innovation.

Some Of Our Available Audiences

  • Identity

    Age range, gender identity, political affiliation, racial or ethnic identity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation

  • Shopping

    Amazon Prime member, app store spending habits, dressing style, environmentally conscious shopper, favorite stores for beauty products, favorite stores for kitchenware, kids toy buying frequency, online shopping marketplaces, priorities in toy purchases, recently purchased categories, toy purchasing frequency, data storage device buyers

  • Family

    Age of kids, number of kids, pet owner, relationship status

  • Education

    College enrollment, education level, educator or / coach, online learners

  • Home

    Home ownership, preferred decor style, type of community, type of residence, US geographic region

  • Finances

    Credit score, employment status, health insurance, household income range, number of credit cards, personal income range, product financing habits, side hustles, small business owner

  • Food and Drink

    Beer consumption frequency, coffee drinking frequency, liquor consumer, liquor consumption frequency, tea drinking frequency, wine consumption frequency

  • Health

    Beauty product preferences, cosmetic and body care habits, dietary habits, exercise frequency, nutritional supplement use, preferred nutritional supplement benefis, preferred nutritional supplement types, smoking habit, weed / CBD consumer

  • Hobbies

    Favorite anime genres, favorite movie genres, favorite social media platforms, favorite sports, hobbies and interests, interest in art, interest in cooking, musical instruments played, paid video streamer, podcast listener, sports players, TV and streaming services, traditional TV subscription, workout types, gambling habits

  • Tech

    Mobile device, smart assistant user, streaming device, tablet device, AI tools users, browser used, dating apps users, search engine used

...plus more categories in gaming, books, travel, and more.

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