Transforming Out of the Woods Amazon Performance: A Case Study in Strategic Amazon Marketing

Introduction: Sustainability Meets Style

Out of the Woods has been revolutionizing the eco-friendly products market with its line of sustainable products. Their signature products, a line of reusable tote bags, shopping bags, soft-sided coolers, and lunch bags, are made from innovative Supernatural Paper. This material not only replicates the look and feel of leather, but is entirely plant-based and cruelty-free.

Retail Success and the Amazon Challenge

While Out of the Woods products have made a mark in major retailers and through their direct-to-consumer site, they sensed untapped potential to grow their sales on Amazon, and this is where Parker-Lambert’s expertise comes into play.

Beyond Visual Appeal

At Parker-Lambert, our initial focus with brands is often enhancing visual merchandising for a superior Amazon experience. However, Out of the Woods had already excelled in this domain, with a fantastic set of studio and location photography.

We had to find growth opportunities elsewhere, and we quickly identified the product titles as a starting point.

Refining Amazon SEO: The Power of Precision

Our analysis revealed that many product titles were excessively long and contained repeated words – an outdated SEO strategy on Amazon. We embarked on a meticulous process of rewriting these titles, adhering to Amazon’s guidelines and modern best practices for title optimization. We then made use of Amazon’s own A/B testing platform to compare our updated titles against the existing ones, with the tests showing conversion rate improvements of 100% or more.

That’s why Amazon title optimization and testing is so important. Even seemingly minor changes can double sales.

Continual Optimization and Copywriting Excellence

But we didn’t stop at the first set of title tests. We proceeded to refine them further, testing alternate versions against the winners of the first round. By applying best practices in sales copywriting, we transformed product bullets and descriptions into clear, engaging narratives that properly communicated the value proposition of each product.

Our Behind-the-Scenes Keyword Strategy

An essential part of our plan involved in-depth keyword research, enabling us to update the backend keywords. This helped in directing potential customers to Out of the Woods products using terms that weren’t explicitly mentioned in the titles or bullets. We navigated the intricate system of backend keyword optimization to ensure maximum visibility and relevance on Amazon.

Advertising Optimization

We also took the opportunity to make fundamental changes to their advertising strategy, to align with the brand’s ROAS and TaCOS goals.

Comprehensive Improvements

Our work wasn’t limited to just titles and bullets. We identified and addressed gaps in product information, another crucial step for SEO. We also fine-tuned the carousels and Premium A+ content where necessary, ensuring that no products were left behind.

The Results

It can take up to three months for improvements to reach their target results, due to factors like seasonality, and the time required for Amazon advertising to be completely optimized. By focusing first on the essential fixes, we were able to see promising results within 60 days:

  • 1.6x month over month (MoM) and 2.6x Year over Year (YoY) ROAS
  • 1.3x MoM and 1.9x YoY ad revenue
  • 1.2x MoM and 2.6x YoY ad conversion rate
  • 24% MoM TACoS reduction
  • 1.5x MoM and 1.45x YoY total revenue

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