Amazon Seller Program Roundup: Climate Pledge Friendly, Small and Light

Here’s a quick intro to a couple of our favorite Amazon programs: Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly (offered to all brand on Amazon) and Amazon Small and Light (offered to Amazon Sellers).

(Since we originally wrote this article, Amazon has discontinued the Small and Light program. See below for more information.)

The Climate Pledge Friendly Program

We recommend this program to all of our customers that sell products in categories that qualify. It’s open to all sellers, and there’s no program fee. Developing climate pledge friendly packaging can save you packaging production costs and shipping costs. And, making climate-friendly products is good for the planet.

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The costs associated with acceptance into the program are any necessary costs for updating your products or packaging, and the fee paid to a certification organization.

“Climate Change Friendly” has a broad definition, and Amazon recognizes certification from more than 50 organizations. Many of these serve particular verticals (such as the BIFMA LEVEL certification program for furniture, and NATRUE, which supports the cosmetics industry), or support products developed in certain regions.

Amazon runs a few of its own certification programs.

Amazon Compact By Design certifies products which have best-in-class “unit efficiency”. This can include packaging which reduces unnecessary volume, or which do more for less weight (examples that Amazon uses include bar soap vs. liquid soap, and concentrated vs. standard laundry detergent). Amazon uses a unit efficiency formula, illustrated in this image provided by Amazon:

Since Amazon recognizes certification from so many programs, your products may already qualify for the Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge, without you knowing it.

How To Get The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

  1. Take some time reviewing the list of accepted certifications. Follow the steps to get certified for the programs of your choice (or skip to step two if you’re already certified).
  2. Make sure that you have correctly selected your product’s certification(s) in your product’s setup on Amazon. This will vary by category.

The “Climate Pledge Friendly” badge should then automatically appear on your product detail page. If it doesn’t appear after a couple of days, you can open a ticket to have your product setup manually reviewed.

The Amazon Small and Light Program (Discontinued)

The Amazon Small and Light program was designed to help sellers increase their profits by offering a cost-effective fulfillment solution for small and lightweight products. It applied to most products that are priced under $15 and weigh less than one pound.

One of the key advantages of participating in the Amazon Small and Light program was the reduced fulfillment fees. By opting for this program, sellers could enjoy lower fees compared to the standard FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) fees. This could significantly impact the profitability of small and lightweight products, making them more competitive in the marketplace.

Amazon has streamlined their FBA fulfillment fee system by sunsetting Small and Light, and rolled out a new lower FBA rate for products priced below $10.

Next Steps

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