Unlocking New Opportunities with Amazon Attribution New-to-Brand Conversion Metrics

Amazon’s recent addition of new-to-brand (NTB) conversion metrics in its Amazon Attribution reports marks a significant leap in the way sellers can track and analyze their customer base. But, before diving into the implications of this new feature, let’s take a brief look at what Amazon Attribution is, and how Amazon Brand Bonus benefits sellers.

A Recap: Amazon Attribution and Amazon Brand Bonus

Amazon Attribution: Your Tracking Powerhouse

Amazon Attribution is essentially a tracking system that monitors the performance of traffic directed to your product pages on Amazon. Whether these are links embedded on your corporate website, shared through your social media platforms, or shared through other mediums, you can use Amazon Attribution to keep tabs on them all.

The real power lies in the ability to set up custom attribution tags on a campaign level. This enables sellers to track the performance of each link individually. By doing this, sellers can tell which links are effectively generating sales.

Amazon Brand Bonus: Monetizing Your Traffic

Amazon Brand Bonus allows sellers to monetize their Amazon Attribution links. The sign-up process is free. And on average, sellers can expect to earn around 10% for each sale of their products generated through Amazon Attribution links once they’ve activated Brand Bonus.

Considering that there’s no cost to sign up for Brand Bonus, we highly recommend Amazon Sellers to sign up, and then leverage Amazon Attribution links. Not only can you gain insights into your most effective channels and campaigns… you can also earn additional revenue.

Diving Into the NTB Conversion Metrics

Now, let’s delve into why NTB conversion metric reporting is a game-changer for Amazon Sellers.

Understanding whether you are expanding your customer base or merely making sales to repeat customers is critical for assessing business growth. While both are positive, of course, understanding the split between the two is valuable.

Amazon has been providing this data for total sales and ad-driven sales, but now it’s also available for Amazon Attribution reporting, arming sellers with an additional analysis tool.

Accessing NTB Metrics: A Step-by-Step Guide

To leverage these new metrics, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Attribution page through the advertising console.
  2. Select an existing campaign.
  3. Choose the products report.
  4. Customize the columns to incorporate the six new-to-brand metrics which include the number of purchases, units sold, sales, and brand halo purchases made by new customers.

Wrapping It Up: A New Era for Amazon Sellers

The addition of new-to-brand conversion metrics to Amazon Attribution reports empowers sellers to better understand and analyze their audience. This, in conjunction with Amazon Brand Bonus, opens up a free opportunity for Amazon sellers to not only monitor and optimize their marketing strategies but also monetize their traffic. Armed with these tools, Amazon sellers are in a position to make more informed decisions and take their business to new heights.

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