How to Set Up Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions tool, announced in August of 2023, allows Amazon Sellers to offer promotional discounts exclusively to remarketing audiences. Here’s how to allow your agency partner to use this tool, or set up your first Brand Tailored Promotion on your own.

A Quick Intro

The range of customer segments is extensive, but depending on your brand’s history and sales volume, you may be eligible for all audiences. As of this writing, an audience must have at least 1,000 members to be eligible for targeting.

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If an Amazon customer falls into one of the audiences you’ve targeted for a promotion, they’ll see a green badge labelled “Follower Promo” (if they’re a brand follower), or “Exclusive Promo” (if they’re in one of the other audiences) on the product detail page, search results, and on promotion shopping pages.

Amazon has announced that a future update will give Sellers the option to have Amazon send promotion notifications to your customers via email, but for the time being, the only way customers will see your promotion is if they’re actively shopping.

Here are the current offerings:

At Risk: Customers who haven’t purchased recently or frequently.

Brand Cart Abandoners: Customers who have added one or more of your brand’s products in their cart, but haven’t purchased in the last three months.

Brand Followers: Customers who have clicked to follow your brand in Amazon’s store.

High-Spend Customers: The highest-spending customers (typically the top 5%) with your brand in the last 12 months.

Potential New Customers: Customers who have clicked on your brand and products or added to cart recently, but have not purchased in the last 12 months.

Promising: Customers who have purchased recently, buy occasionally, and spend above average.

Recent Customers: The most recent customers who have purchased from your brand.

Repeat Customers: Customers who have ordered your brand’s products more than once in the last 12 months.

Top-Tier Customers: The customers who have recently made a purchase, and spend the most.

You’ll need to be set up in Brand Registry to get access, and at the moment, it’s available only in the US. Amazon has announced their intentions to expand to Europe, Japan, Canada and Mexico, but no dates have been announced.

Where to Find Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

If you’re the owner of your Seller Central account, you’ll find it as a new option in the Advertising menu:

where to find Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

Giving Your Agency Access to Brand Tailored Promotions

Others with access to your Seller Central account may not have access to Brand Tailored Promotions by default. Here’s how to give them access, in three steps:

First, go to User Permissions:

selecting User Permissions in Seller Central

Next, select Manage Global Permissions to the right of the user’s name:

Lastly, look for Brand Tailored Promotions and select Admin:

The member to which you’ve just given access will now see the Brand Tailored Promotions option in the Advertising menu.

Setting Up Your First Brand Tailored Promotion

Select Brand Tailored Promotions from the Advertising menu:

select brand tailored promotions from the advertising menu

Select the brand (if you manage more than one), and then the audience, and then hit Next. You can’t set up a promotion for more than one audience, but you can run multiple promotions for multiple audiences simultaneously.

On the next page (only a portion of which we’re showing here), you’ll see the familiar options for setting up a promotion, including the name, the discount, your budget, and the dates. Some options are grayed out, indicating that they’ll be enabled in the future.

Once you’ve provided the info, hit Submit promo code at the top right, and it’s off to the races!

What Else to Know

Brand Tailored Promotions are straight percentage-off deals, between 10% and 50%. As with standard Amazon promotions, there’s no setup or program fee.

Once you’ve submitted a Brand Tailored Promotion and it’s been activated, the discount will display only for customers who are in the qualifying audience. You can check the status of the promotion on the dashboard.

These are brand-level promotions. Targeted customers will be able to apply the discount to any product in the brand that’s in your catalog. Amazon has stated that they’ll offer the ability to set up promos for specific ASINs in the future.

If you’re the registered brand owner but 3P sellers also offer your product, customers will only receive the discount if they purchase from you. So, if you don’t get the buy box, or if the customer chooses to purchase from a 3P, the discount won’t apply.

This promotion can be stacked. So, if you’re already offering a promotion for 10% off, and you set up a Brand Tailored Promotions for a 20% promotion, customers in your audience can get 30% off. Brand Tailored Promotions are “preferential” promotions, meaning that they can’t be stacked with other preferential promotions. If a product has multiple preferential promotions available, only the promotion with the highest discount will be applied.

In Conclusion

Brand Tailored Promotions are a remarkable new way to remarket to your customers through offering percentage-off promotions. They’re a good opportunity to convert one-time purchasers into repeat purchasers, and to find customers who’ve purchased in the past and might have forgotten about your products.

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