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Video Ad for Amazon and Social Media March 1, 2020, in: , , , ,

Here’s a commercial we produced for Adaptive Sound Technologies for an advertising campaign. They also used it on their Amazon Store, their product detail pages, and for social media campaigns.

Our advice for creating effective video ads:

  • Remember that there’s a good chance that the viewer will be on a mobile device, or will have audio muted. You have to tell your story without sound, and any titling or motion graphics need to work on a small screen.
  • Keep it short — not only do you need to adhere to the video length rules set by the platform; you also need to get the viewer’s attention and say everything that needs to be said… and no more.
  • Optimize for performance by creating multiple variations. In this case we did three versions, playing with the order of the shots and featuring a different product on the end card. If you’re creating video for Amazon advertising, Amazon will automatically optimize to show the versions that provide the most conversions. This also allows you to extend your campaign and avoid viewer burnout by rotating the content regularly.