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The Parker-Lambert Agency is now a Google Partner February 10, 2019, in: ,

We’re pretty pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Google Partners program. We’ve added the badge to our site’s footer. It looks like this:

Agencies can earn the badge by meeting three criteria:

  • A minimum advertising spend. This shows that an agency has actual clients. It’s $10,000 over 90 days across all clients.
  • Performance thresholds, showing that the agency isn’t simply doing things on autopilot.
  • Proficiency, shown through certification in one or more specialties (Search, Display, Mobile, Video, or Shopping). At the moment we’re certified in display advertising, with plans to add more expertise.

The interesting thing is that we don’t tend to call ourselves an advertising agency. We provide a broad range of creative and digital marketing services, which includes managing Google Ads for some of our clients. We also manage Amazon advertising for some clients. But, we don’t have any clients for which we provide only advertising services… yet.

Either way, we’re happy to show off our achievement.

Want to talk to us about how we might put our expertise to good use with your product’s advertising? Send us a note. Mention that you read this post and we’ll provide a free evaluation of your current Google Ads strategy.

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