Amazon Management

Amazon Product Setup, A+ EMC Creation, Store Pages, and Advertising


The name "Amazon" seems particularly apt for anybody selling on the world's largest store, as the navigating the tools for vendors and sellers can be confusing and arduous, and if you take a wrong turn, you might be bitten by a poisonous snake and die.

Maybe it's not that bad, but the fact is that managing the chain of processes, platforms, and procedures for taking a product from setup to launch is time-consuming and can distract you from your primary mission of making great products. Our team of experts can assist with any or all of this process, delivering outstanding results much more economically than doing everything yourself.

Amazon A+ Services: What We Offer

Product Setup and ASIN Creation

If you don't have time for the grind work or you just don't know where to start, we can begin the process for you by getting your products set up in the Amazon system.

Research and Strategy

This is the process of evaluating your primary and secondary competitors' Amazon merchandising content for visual appeal, clarity, and overall effectiveness. We use this to build a detailed implementation plan to help you ensure that your content is best in class.

Image Carousels, Product Titles, Bullets, and Descriptions

Building an effective Amazon product page begins well before the A+ content is developed. Your image carousel must not only have high quality photos and illustrations -- it should encapsulate your product's story, so the customer will be comfortable adding it to their cart before they even see your A+ presentation. Product titles must be clear, search-optimized, and follow best practices. Bullets must be informative, effective, and consistent across your product line.

Demonstration and Instructional Videos

Any product's carousel can be improved with video. That's a simple fact. We'll help you with video content that will inform, entertain, and motivate shoppers.

A+ Content Development, Deployment, and Quality Control

We'll create copy, illustrations and photography into optimized A+ content that looks great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, and work with the Amazon team as necessary to ensure flawless delivery.

Beyond A+ Product Pages

Amazon Advertising Management

If you're doing significant business on Amazon, you'll need to advertise on Amazon for the simple reason that your competitors are advertising, too. We offer complete Amazon Advertising (previously AMG and AMG) support, including campaign setup, performance reporting and optimization to meet your goals.

Store Page Creation and Management

Vendor store pages were once a novelty, but now they're a necessity for any brand. We're pioneers in store page development, and we know what works.

Growing Your Business and Saving You Time

Our Amazon management services let you focus on making great products. We'll help you make sure they look great. And, by serving as the primary point of contact for your brand with the Amazon product, support, and advertising teams, we'll make your days a little easier.

From Retail Ready to Best in Class

"Retail ready" is Amazon's internal term for merchandising content that meets their quality standards, and that bar is higher than you might think. It demands professional execution on the image carousel, bullets, the product description, and the A+ EMC content. Each has its own art and science, and the whole is only as good as the sum of the parts. Amazing A+ content isn't effective if you haven't put the care into creating imagery and bullets that make the customer want to scroll down. And, in fact, the goal is to create content above the fold that compels the customer to add to their cart without scrolling.

Amazon has called our content "best in class" for its clear and effective presentation and storytelling, and we wouldn't have it any other way. When you're launching a product, the merchandising plan begins with carefully evaluating what your competitors are doing on Amazon. If you can't match or beat them, why bother? When you work with us, our first step will be to provide you with a comprehensive report on what your competitors are doing and how we can help you do better.

And Speaking of Poisonous Snakes...

Amazon merchandising is much like the survival of that snake: move or die. Amazon content is an arms race, and successful vendors regularly evaluate their content against their competitors' and improve as they go. Amazon regularly updates its publishing tools to provide better ways to merchandise and convert customers. When you work with us, it's our job to keep up to date so your content stays best in class.

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