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Five steps for great content

Creating Great Online Product Content: Five Secrets That the Pros Know July 1, 2018, in: ,

Five steps for great content

What it is, and why it’s important

Product content is broadly defined as what you create to show to customers who are learning about a particular product that you’re offering for sale. It can be a product detail page on your own web site, or a page for a particular product on Amazon, Target, Walmart, or any other online retailer’s site. In the print realm, it can be a data sheet, or an end cap or other in-store display. It can also refer to a messaging brief with pre-approved copy of various lengths, to be used as a bible for others to create their own content.

In this guide, we are focusing primarily on tactics and strategies that are specific to creating product content to be used for online merchandising.

The entire marketing process, from creating initial brand awareness to gaining and retaining customers, is one that’s only as strong as its weakest step. A failure at the final step — the online point of sale — is a particularly heartbreaking one. No matter how terrific the product is, and no matter how hard everybody from the industrial designers to the engineers to the supply chain managers have worked, all can be lost if your target customer reading the product’s Amazon page doesn’t add it to the cart because your organization has not made it a priority to produce content that’s appealing, attractive, clear, and accurate.

It’s important to understand that good product content is so much more than writing good copy. Rich content, as it used to be called, covers the entire visual and interactive experience that the customer has when they’re viewing a product page at an online retailer or on a manufacturer’s site. It starts with copy, and continues with imagery (not just product photos, but lifestyle imagery, illustrations, and more), video, downloadable PDF content, and interactive features like product tours and product comparison tables that automatically customize to match the retailer’s product mix.

Creating world-class product content for online merchandising is a strategy that any business can adopt through a set of straightforward tactics. It’s effort well spent: Years of data collection, including A/B testing, across multiple product categories have consistently shown that providing rich content at online point of sale can increase conversion rates by 10% – 20%, and specialized tactics, like adding video, can increase conversion rates by more than 100%.

We’ve broken this guide into five parts:

  1. Competitive research is essential.
  2. Your product manager may not be your best copywriter.
  3. Think visually first.
  4. You need video. Yes, you.
  5. Confusion is deadlier than apathy.

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