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Amazon SEO: An Introductory Guide to Optimizing Your Listings

It's common for beginners to think of Amazon SEO as just the crafting of your product's title, bullets, and search keywords. That's certainly part of it, but optimizing your text content for search isn't enough. It's just the start.
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Amazon Vine: Why it’s a Great Investment for New Brands

Product reviews are vitally important to a product’s success, because conversion rates – the likelihood that a customer will buy the product once they’ve arrived at your product’s detail page, typically increase significantly once the product has a critical mass of reviews.
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What are the requirements for a complete Amazon brand presence?

One of the first conversations we have with new or smaller brands is an explanation of everything that is required for a complete brand presence on Amazon. Here's what we tell them.
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New Brand Roundup: VitaFive, Svetia and Monkiä

Things have been busy here at Parker-Lambert. We've added three brands to our eCommerce management roster: VitaFive, Svetia, and Monkiä.
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The FTC’s proposed new rules for fake reviews: what does it mean for Amazon Vendors and Sellers?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed new regulations to combat the buying, selling, and manipulation of online reviews. Here's more information.

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